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26 Apr 2016
Add information about Mac OS X Mach'O binaries handling into Static Initialization in C++ .
19 Apr 2013
New article Static Initialization in C++ is published.
09 Mar 2012
New article Multithreaded queue in C++ is published.
04 Sep 2010
Documentation for project Build Tools added.
13 Apr 2009
After hosting server change website is working again.
29 May 2004
New version 1.0.10 of the Milters Library released. In new version:
  • Fixed very stupid bug in call "mkstemp" function in kav_milter. This bug causes crash and/or prevents kav_milter functioning with "File name too long", "File already exists", "Invalid file path" error messages after some time of running.
04 Jan 2004
New version 1.0.9 of the Milters Library released. In new version:
  • Added writing pid files in "/var/run"
  • Added user switching for all milters
  • umask for temporary files rejects reading and writing by group and others
  • Fixed stupid bug in scripts
  • Added option to hide AVT version info
  • Added command line parameter for pid file name
  • When building in FreeBSD Ports Collection name transformation occurs.
    For this reason "/usr/local/include" and "/usr/local/lib" always added
27 Nov 2003
New version 1.0.7 of the Milters Library released. In new version:
  • Fixed memory leak in copy milter when exception occured while envelope sender processed
  • Fixed error causes exception while processing address without domain part (usually in spam)
  • Added README file
  • Updated INSTALL file
  • Added target host checking for building on other platforms like Linux
  • Fixed errors in manpages
  • Fixed deadlock when KAV returns code "Checking not finished"
18 Nov 2003
New version 1.0.6 of the Milters Library released. In new version:
  • Fixed error in kav_milter with header format for clean messages;
  • Fixed error in kav_milter with temporary files leaved in /ver/tmp;
  • kav_milter now use file to check messages instead of shared memory due System V shared memory implementation in FreeBSD 5.1.